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This site is for landlord, property owners and property managers. We have compiled a searchable database of tenants who have a history of no/late payments, have been a hassle or a nuisance in general.
However, this is not just a list of "bad" tenants, tenants with a good or excellent rental history can also be added to our database.
Being a landlord is not the easiest job in the world, the purpose of this site is provide data so that you can make an informed decision on who to rent to.


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A searchable list of reviews compiled by landlords for landlords & property managers


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Members add to and view our searchable database of tenants. Our Goal is to provide landlords or property managers with information about potential tenants that may not otherwise be available to them.



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I rented to a person with perfect credit. He sublet (against our agreement) to a drug dealer. The house was trashed causing several thousand dollars in damage. This sort of activity doesn’t show up in regular credit checks. His name is now in Landlord Watchdog. L.B.


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