Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Use This Resource?

Anyone who owns and rents properties. Primarily this site was designed for landlords, property owners and property managers, but anyone who rents a home or owns an apartment complex can use it to review their tenants to check reviews of a prospective renter.

How is the information validated?

We strive to provide accurate information. The reviews listed here are created by the tenant's previous or current landlord and are their opinions. If any information is posted in error we will remove it promptly.

Are Good Reviews Allowed?

Of Course! We are not limited to negativity, any tenant with a good or excellent rental record can be listed in our database. We want to provide as much information as possible so a future landlord can make an informed decision on who to rent to.
We are quite aware that some renters can pass a background check and a credit check and still be horrible tenants. We also know that some tenants couldn't pass a credit check but are excellent tenants. Our purpose is to provide enough information so you as a future landlord know the kind of person you are renting to.

What if I'm not a member of this site and my information is listed?

Contact us. Just because you are listed here doesn't mean you are a bad tenant. If you feel any information has been posted in error we will remove it, but keep in mind the information listed here is from your landlord, current or past and is their opinion of your as a tenant. We can not prevent a valid bad review from being posted and it is at our discretion whether or not information will be removed.

What is the Cost of Using This Resource?

The cost is $24.99 for an annual membership. You receive unlimited access to use our resource. That means you can review as many tenants as you want and can do as many searches as you want for the entire year.