I rented to a person with perfect credit. He sublet (against our agreement) to a drug dealer. The house was trashed causing several thousand dollars in damage. This sort of activity doesn’t show up in regular credit checks. His name is now in Landlord Watchdog. L.B.

After 6 months I finally got them evicted. They took the kitchen cabinets, stove, refrigerator and furnace. Their credit was good. Their friends weren’t. I have put everyone’s name associated with this on Landlord Watchdog. J.B.

They paid their rent every month on time. When they left, the place was trashed. Feces in several rooms. 2 windows broken. Never a complaint from them, but they cost several thousand in damages. I have put the renter’s name in Landlord Watchdog. P.T.

I’m facing a frivolous lawsuit from a tenant that fell and hurt his wrist. Now he claims he can’t work and wants me to support him. This is the sort of thing that wouldn’t show up in a credit check. I’ve put his name in Landlord Watchdog so other landlords don’t get stuck with this guy. T.T.